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Columbia County Divorce Attorney

Getting a divorce in Pennsylvania is rarely as simple as completing some paperwork. Untangling the legal and financial union of two people can be both stressful and complicated, especially if children are involved.

As a family law attorney with nearly 25 years of experience, I will take great care to address your concerns and guide you through the divorce process. My law office is conveniently located on Main Street in downtown Bloomsburg, one block from the Columbia County courthouse.

I will work to assist you in reaching an agreement with your spouse on all of the issues in your divorce, including:

  • Marital property division: With the exception of gifts and inheritances, assets and debts accumulated during your marriage need to be divided in an equitable manner. Marital property division can be complicated, as assets you owned before your marriage may include a marital property contribution. For example, if your spouse contributed to your business, he or she may be entitled to a percentage of it.
  • Spousal maintenance: Pennsylvania may provide spousal maintenance for a period of time if there is a disparity of earning capacity and separate property.
  • Child custody, visitation and support: If you have children, determining how you and your ex will co-parent and support your children will be the most important issue in your divorce.

Emotions can make it difficult to reaching an agreement with your spouse. As your attorney, I will do everything I can to make the process easier rather than more difficult. I believe two people can reach a better agreement than one judge. If you are unable to reach a negotiated agreement, I will protect your interests through the mediation process and a hearing before a judge.

Child Custody Attorney Serving Union County

For detailed guidance that is tailored directly to your unique situation, contact me, Columbia County divorce lawyer David H. Trathen, online or call 570-284-3088 or toll free 877-772-5261 to discuss your specific legal concerns today. I serve clients in Columbia, Montour, Northumberland, Snyder and Union counties in Pennsylvania.