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Columbia County DUI Attorney

If you have been arrested for drunk driving, you are probably feeling embarrassed and just want the charges to go away. Unfortunately, Pennsylvania DUI laws are harsh even for a first offense. A conviction can have long-term ramifications for your driving privileges, employment and finances.

As a criminal defense lawyer with nearly 25 years of experience in the Columbia County area, I understand how the state handles driving under the influence cases. I will take great care to help you obtain the most favorable outcome based on the facts of your case. My law office is conveniently located on Main Street in downtown Bloomsburg, one block from the Columbia County courthouse and within walking distance of Bloomsburg University.

Protecting You From Harsh Consequences

No two DUI cases are the same. Unfortunately, the state tends to treat all drunk driving cases with the same heavy hand. Even if you have never been in trouble with the law before, the state could assess penalties such as a mandatory minimum stay in jail, loss of driver’s license, large fines and costly driver’s license reinstatement fees. For a second DUI offense, the penalties become even harsher.

Even if you think you are guilty of DUI charges, there is always something an experienced attorney can do to limit the damages:

  • If police did not have a legal reason for stopping you, all evidence gathered after the stop (including the Breathalyzer test results) can be thrown out.
  • Any evidence that was not validly obtained by police may be suppressed.
  • If this is your first DUI offense, you may qualify for Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD). If you complete the program successfully, the charges will be dismissed.

Bloomsburg DUI Defense Lawyer

For detailed guidance that is tailored directly to your unique situation, contact me, Columbia County DUI lawyer David H. Trathen, online or call 570-284-3088 or toll free 877-772-5261 to discuss your specific legal concerns today. I serve clients in Columbia, Montour, Northumberland, Snyder and Union counties in Pennsylvania.