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Making a coparenting plan that benefits everyone

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2023 | Divorce

When Pennsylvania couples get divorced, there are many issues to work through. One crucial issue is creating a co-parenting arrangement. Although courts often decide what happens with custody or visitation, any involved coparents can work together to minimize the divorce’s negative impact on kids. These are some essential steps for co-parents to take.

Establish boundaries and good communication

It is important to have clear boundaries and to respect the other parent’s boundaries. For example, a parent who works early in the morning may not want text messages in the evening unless there is an emergency. Good and civil communication is important to help parents work together for the benefit of their children. It also helps to be honest and open with children.

Be consistent with rules

Divorce brings plenty of changes for kids. Changing households can disrupt their sense of normalcy and their routines. If there are drastically different rules set by each parent, that can be confusing for kids. If possible, it helps to have similar and consistent rules. Parents should not compete for their kids’ affection by setting more lenient rules.

Respect the other parent

In addition to respecting boundaries, it is essential to respect people as well. Kids should never be asked to spy on the other parent or take sides. Also, they should not overhear any negative talk about the other parent. If there are ill feelings toward the other parent, it is better to talk to a therapist or a trusted person away from the children.

Coparenting presents challenges for every couple. However, when divorcing parents commit to respecting each other, communicating and putting the interests of their children first, they can work through many of the most difficult challenges.