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Why 2nd and 3rd marriages fail to go the distance

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2020 | Divorce

Over the years, experts in Pennsylvania and around the country have accumulated data on statistics regarding marriage. Experts state that first-time marriages will have a 50% chance of making it. That number decreases considerably as people move onto second or third marriages. So, what makes second or third marriages worse? Shouldn’t people become better at it? The fact is that many factors contribute to these statistics. Therefore the following includes a list of some of the most common issues that tend to bring these marriages down.

Kids are no longer a reason to stick around

The reason why so many first marriages tend to last is that couples don’t want to put their children through the divorce process. There have been many reports of children coming out the other end in a much worse state. However, when couples do go through a divorce and re-marry, children are no longer a reason to work things out. This makes filing for divorce that much easier.

Not wanting to be alone

It’s understandable to suddenly feel alone at the end of a marriage, especially if you’ve been married for so long. However, it is never a good idea to seek a new marriage simply to have someone by your side. Those who aim for this tend to ignore issues that others may have seen as a deal-breaker.

Ex-spouse is still around

If you have children together, then you are likely to still need to see your ex-spouse. This constant interaction may cause issues with your new marriage. Jealousy and simple interference can lead to a whole lot of problems that may end up in another divorce.


The reality of going through a first divorce is that it’s going to cost you. This impact on your finances can leak into your new marriage as you attempt to juggle your current family’s finances and the payments needed to be made to your ex-spouse and children.If you choose to remarry, it could be helpful to obtain legal representation as issues with your first marriage may continue.